February 23, 2005

this jet's gotta roll

some of you may have noticed the lack of entries left at this-here photoblog. i hadn't been updating very regularly for a long time and when i came across flickr it was all downhill from there. it basically fits my posting style better than a blog (small chunks here and there), plus it has a lot of cool features that movable type doesn't (image protection, notes, communities, friends lists, etc.).

i've uploaded almost all of the pictures from here to my flickr account. syndication feeds are available in rss 2.0 format and on livejournal. i left the picture below because i'm not going to post it at the new place... it's not a particularly good photo and it was just a prank anyway. who knew liquid handsoap made such a convincing substitute for certain bodily fluids. :P

p.s. i'm still getting the hang of tags on the new account, so if you see a picture and think of tags that would descibe it better please let me know!

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January 01, 2004

i'll be forever mackin'


hope your new year's was as good as mine!

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